About project

The project of the National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević”: Digital collection - Legacyof Radivoje Lola Đukić was realized in 2015 on the occasion of the 20 th anniversary of the deathof this famous Yugoslav and Montenegrin television, film and theatre director, painter, publicistand unsurpassed satirist.

The digital collection aims to present the most significant television, theater and filmachievements of Lola Đukić to the wider cultural and scientific public, as well as his unpublishedliterary works and art contributions.This is the spiritual legacy of Radivoje Lola Đukić, which, at his personal request, in May 1996Lola"s wife, Jelena Đukić, donated to the National Library, for permanent storage, use and presentation.

The material in this digital collection is thematically arranged and placed within several groups:Video and audio material, Individual texts and Art material. In order to present the materialmore clearly, some menus contain several submenus in which the material is systematized bythematic units. The Books group contains Works by R. L. Đukić and Works on R. L. Đukić, with atotal of eight digitized books.

Video and audio material contains the most extensive, and at the same time the mostinteresting material. Due to the diversity of genres, the material is divided into four subgroups:Comedy Theater, TV series, Movies and Miscellaneous. The first subgroup includes threetheatrical comedies: “Bog je umro uzalud” (God Died in Vain), “Čovek sa četiri noge” (The Manwith Four Legs) and “Ubi ili poljubi” (Kill or Kiss). The TV series is the largest subgroup - itcontains nine TV series created from 1959 to 1974. The Films subgroup contains seven filmsdirected by Lola Đukić between 1948 and 1976. Lola Đukić made her film debut in 1948 withthe documentary “Grčka deca” (Greek Children), which caused an international scandal andwas banned for over 40 years. The Miscellaneous subgroup contains short videos and audiorecordings, such as interviews, series inserts, in memoriam, etc.

Individual texts consist of two subgroups, Manuscripts and Articles. The Manuscripts subgroupcontains various short literary and other texts by R. L. Đukić - poems, stories, obituaries,reactions, statements, etc., which have not been published so far and which are kept withinLola"s legacy in the National Library. In the Articles subgroup, there are mainly interviews withR. L. Đukić, which were published in Yugoslav periodicals. The art material contains eightpaintings from the cycle “Slike iz špila za jugoslovenski pasijans” (Pictures from the Deck forYugoslav Solitaire), then the catalogue of the exhibition “Vreme slepih miševa 1991-1992.”(Time of Bats 1991-1992” and the convenient collection “Poštanske marke – znameniti srpskireditelji” (Postage Stamps - Famous Serbian Directors), which was published by the Post ofSerbia in 2015.